10 Inexpensive Indoor Pool Designs at a Low Price

Craving a year-round dip? Indoor pool designs are making a splash, especially in fickle-weather zones. Even with limited space and budget, homeowners can dive into the joy of a mini indoor pool by exploring clever ideas.
Dream of serene swims indoors, no matter the season? Small, budget-savvy indoor pool designs are transforming homes into personal oases. By getting creative, homeowners can unlock a haven of luxury and relaxation without breaking the bank.

Luxury Indoor Pool Ideas Designs for Homes

Craving an aquatic escape in the heart of your home? Dive into these ten ingenious indoor pool designs! Sculpted for both cozy nooks and sprawling spaces, these budget-friendly havens will transform your indoor pool into a sanctuary of calm and joy.

Slim And Long Design

If you’re looking for inexpensive modern indoor pool ideas, you don’t need a large basement or an empty floor. A long, rectangular pool is an excellent method to make the most of available space. Swimming laps in the pool or just floating around in it is tremendous fun. Not to mention, installing it doesn’t cost a lot of money. It would therefore be better if you kept things straightforward.

Indoor Pools in the Bathroom

Transform your bathroom into a personal aquatic retreat with a custom-built pool! Ideal for smaller spaces or those who appreciate an indulgent soak, this option blends affordability with style. Remember to check with your landlord before diving in and consider adding a glass window for a touch of outdoor bliss.

Indoor Pool With Glass Covering 

Big impact, small budget? Say hello to the indoor pool with a glass twist! This space-saving gem transforms your room into a classy sanctuary, blurring the boundaries between inside and out. Dip into endless sunshine and starry skies without ever leaving your home.

Artistic Swimming Pool

A single, graceful stroke can transform your poolside. Imagine a simple line drawing of a horse dancing across the pristine white wall above the water. This minimalist masterpiece instantly becomes the room’s heart, drawing the eye and inviting contemplation.

Match Your Home’s Style

Bridging the gap between indoors and outdoors, your indoor pool shouldn’t be an isolated island. Instead, design it as the connecting bridge, woven into the fabric of your home’s architecture. Imagine stepping from your living room into an extension, not a separate entity. This seamless integration, not just grandeur, is the true mark of a masterfully designed indoor pool.

A Natural Transition

Think of this indoor-outdoor pool as a chameleon of luxury. It sheds its skin to reveal an open-air paradise when the sun beckons, then drapes itself in the cool comfort of the indoors when winter whispers its song. The transition is as effortless as a butterfly taking flight, thanks to a translucent glass wall that bridges the gap, leaving you free to follow your aquatic whims.

An Angular Aquarium

Modernity meets serenity in this indoor pool design. Ditch the aquatic neighbors and bulky gear; here, luxury is all about the view. Sleek, angular glass walls become your portal to nature, framing the outside world like a living art installation. Each stroke becomes a brushstroke against the canvas of sunlight and leaves, your movement echoing the clean lines of your contemporary haven.

A Converted Barn Design

Transform your indoor pool into a chameleon of comfort. When walls confine, let design set you free. Imagine rustic elements like bare lights and earthy decor weaving a spell of nature’s serenity around your pool. Then, with a flourish, open the retractable glass doors and watch your haven expand into a breathtaking fusion of indoors and outdoors. This isn’t just a pool, it’s a masterpiece of adaptability.

Light-Filled Indoor Pool

Turn your indoor pool into a whimsical escape within your grand abode. Let sunlight waltz across painted wooden panels, casting playful reflections on the black water’s surface. Imagine pirouetting underwater, the shadows of unique lanterns swirling like courtiers in a medieval dance. This pool isn’t just for laps; it’s an invitation to unleash your inner child, to gather loved ones for laughter and adventure. Budget constraints vanish as creativity takes center stage, transforming your home into a palace of aquatic delights.

Indoor Pool And Patio

An indoor patio with a pool gives the impression that you are outside having fun. Enjoy the landscaping, a gorgeous garden, reclining seats, and an umbrella. This type of property eliminates the need to cope with summertime joys like humidity and insects. Additionally, you can tile your pool using mosaics. To make it even more luxurious—the addition of further amenities to your indoor pool structure—please include a personalized spa.

How Much Does Indoor Pool Cost?

Highlighting the range is crucial: Reminding readers that costs can vary widely between $40,000 and $200,000 is essential for setting realistic expectations.
Specifying factors affecting cost: Briefly mentioning key factors like size, material choices, additional features, and local construction costs can further explain the price variations.
Personalizing the example: Instead of just mentioning the middle-priced range, consider adding a hypothetical pool size or desired features to make the example more relatable. For instance, “Our hypothetical 12′ x 24′ pool with a concrete deck and fiberglass lining could fall within the $120,000 to $150,000 range.”
Including resources for further research: Providing links to cost calculators or pool builder websites can empower readers to get more specific estimates for their unique projects.


Climate-proof paradise: No more shivering goodbyes to summer swims! An indoor pool liberates you from the tyranny of weather. Dive into refreshing coolness during scorching summers, or find serenity in a warm, steamy haven as winter chills the air outside. It’s your own personal oasis, impervious to seasonal limitations.
Sun or stars, your choice: Bask in the warmth of natural light filtering through skylights, or create a celestial atmosphere with twinkling underwater lights. An indoor pool becomes a canvas for your mood, allowing you to curate the perfect aquatic ambiance for any occasion.

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